Please contact us if you have questions about the adoptions process


How long will it take to adopt a child?

There is a wide variety of waiting periods dependent upon a host of controllable and non-controllable factors. Generally, the average waiting period to be matched with a birth mother is 6 to 18 months. However, waits can be dramatically shorter or longer depending on individual situations and the restrictions you have on the type of child you desire.

How much does adoption cost?

The costs of adoption depend on the birth mother’s living and medical expense needs.   We can review your adoption budget so that we can stay within your budget.

What is a home study?

An independent investigation to verify your suitability as adoptive parents. They are valid for one year in Florida and can be updated easily.

What information will I have on the birth parents?

You will have a detailed family, social and medical history created by the birth mother, and sometimes the birth father. If possible, we can  obtain medical records from the physician. If requested, we can obtain criminal records or other third party documents. We cannot guarantee the health or medical history of the baby.

What information will the birth parents have about me?

Your birth mother letter and family profile. The birth parents may also ask additional questions which will be answered with your approval. It is not uncommon, for example, for a birth mother to want to know the first name you select for the baby.

What tests will be run on the birth mother?

We generally request HIV, drug screening, hepatitis and all the normal OB/GYN tests. You can usually ask for any other type of testing, excluding amniocentesis which the doctors will only perform for a medical reason. Sonograms are also routinely done.

What tests will be run on the baby?

Where indicated, we order HIV, drug screen, hepatitis and thyroid tests. If you request others, these can almost always be obtained.

What kind of contact will we have with the birth parents?

You can agree on whatever is best for you and your family. It is common for birth parents to want to speak to the adoptive parents on the phone, exchange letters and/or meet at lunch or the time of placement. Often this contact is limited to pre-birth and the hospital period, although some birth mothers request a meeting shortly after birth.

What should we say or not say in communicating with the birth parents?

You should focus on being yourselves, letting the birth parents get to know you and establishing a comfort level. We want the birth parents to have concern and empathy for your situation, and for you to understand theirs. You should not be interrogative, ask for personal or confidential information or question medical history. If you have a question in this regard, let us handle it.

When will the consent for adoption be signed?

Pursuant to Florida law, the consent will be signed no sooner than 48 hours after delivery unless the birth mother is being discharged earlier by her doctor. With a c-section, the wait may be slightly longer as we must ensure that the birth mother is free of narcotic medication.